MaMa Say Zeed

MaMa say zeed is a local brand in Thailand started 5 years ago, the founders are Bow and Yin. They both graduated in department of business management and only have their passions for Fashion. The one who obsesses with Fashion a lot is Bow. She takes a positions of designer of the brand. Mama say zeed started with Bow asking Yin to do the brand together and Bow’s boyfriend came up with the name “MaMa Say Zeed” which everyone agreed this is the perfect name.

At first they didn’t make their own clothes but they got the cloths from the others brand and selling it but after a while Bow started to design her own lines. Yin who is the one who dealing with the selling issues. She went to the shop almost everyday and only got one day off in a week. While Bow is handling with the designs and contact with the dressmakers and choosing the fabrics. Because of their hard working MaMa say Zeed became one of the well-known brand in Bangkok and perhaps in others provinces. They have two store one is in JJ market called MaMa say zeed and the other one is in Platinum called “Dress Room by Mama say zeed” which is the sub-brand focusing on the lower market with a cheaper price and difference kind of Fabric and a similar design as the original brand. They released the clothes every week one or two pieces at a time and the average amount of clothes is ten pieces per month.

I asked Yin “what is the toughest part of doing your own brand?” and she said “well…mostly the obstacle I faced is about the plagiarism. Many of my designs had been stolen by many brands and the worst part is they sell it in a lower price and using the low quality fabric”
This problems happened with MaMa say Zeed’s sub-brand “Dress Room” because of the store located at Platinum. And a lot of stores there stolen ideas from a higher level brand and changed the fabric into the low quality one and selling in a cheaper price. I also asked Yin that does it affect the sale of the brand? And she said “Not really. Because MaMa say zeed have the steady customers and the customers still come to buy our cloths rather than the cheaper one because the quality of our fabric is fine and the designs also very unique. But somehow having someone stole our ideas is torture us especially when we realized how hard we work to build a brand so watching people just stole it is quite upset”

Even JJ market is a competitive place because there’re a lotof local creative brands and the price is quite low. But Yin said she still have faith in her brand so I asked her why and the answer is because she believes that her designs are unique and she chose the fine fabrics. The designs of MaMa say Zeed are beneficial in many occasions and fit with every ages. It depends on the customers how to adapt, mix&match the clothes. And another reason is because the brand itself is already well-known in some certain group of people. MaMa say Zeed put their advertising on Cheeze Magazine every months. She chose Cheeze Magazine because she believes that it’s number one magazine for Thai teen Fashion.


(The famous twin Petch-Ploy)

The models the brand usually used in the advertising is Petch-Ploy, the famous twin of Thailand, they both iconic and got a very outstanding style. Bow, the designers used them as her muses. Yin said that Bow always say that this design and that design would perfectly fit with Petch and Ploy. And they’ve been using this twin models for almost 2 years and never changed because Petch-Ploy represented the image of MaMa say Zeed perfectly.

Did you even feel like you want to give up doing it?”
No…Never.” she said.
Are you happy with the brand position right now?” she paused and answerd “of course yes. We started with nothing and nowadays the brand succeed in a satisfying level.”
Do you expect anything about the brand in the future?”
yes” she said…being so honest and I kept asking her
Like…export to other countries?”
who doesn’t want that? I do expect that someday in the future maybe my brand would go selling in others countries and I hope the opportunity to come soon because to be honest I’m not rich. I don’t have that lots of money like others brand do so I just keep hoping but anyway I’m fine with where I am now”

special Thanks to P’Yin who gave me all the info. Wish you the best ka 🙂


The LookBook

I tried so hard to dig into my wardrobe and find something that it fits together and this is the best I can do ;((

The white shirt and black pants from the deepest part of my wardrobe. I bought it a long time ago and the cardigans is Greyhound. The scarf ‘s Alexander McQueen of course. The bags is speedy LV with the strap. Shoes from Jeffrey Campbell (love it!). The glassess from…nowhere LOL and yes just that!! Hope it looks nerdy to you just like it is to me 😀 , xoxo


The Pretty Reckless



The Pretty Reckless is an American alternative rock band that was formed and is

fronted by American actress and model Taylor Momsen. Other members include Ben Phillips (guitar), Mark Damon (bass) and Jamie Perkins (drums). The band was originally going to be called “The Reckless”, but was changed to The Pretty Reckless due to trademark problems.

Their debut album, Light Me Up, was released on August 30, 2010 in the UK. They released their first single “Make Me Wanna Die” on May 13, 2010.


  • Taylor Momsen – vocals, rhythm guitar (2009–present)
  • Ben Phillips – lead guitar, backing vocals (2010–present)
  • Mark Damon – bass (2010–present)
  • Jamie Perkins – drums, percussion (2010–present)

Here’s their latest music video

“Just Tonight”


Personally I really LOVE theirs music

; it’s touching and very grunge 🙂

Taylor Momsen is a model and also an actress of the famous and fabulous series called “Gossip Girl” . As everyone knows that Gossip Girl is a fashionable series with lots of designer’s clothing and luxury handbags. Taylor Momsen debuted herself as one of the trend setter from this series. Blake Lively and Leighton Meester also became the fashion leader because of this series. Taylor Mo

msen got the different style from those two. At first she started with a very girl costume maybe because of her role in the series that time was a little Brooklyn girl who’re not really into high


Her style at the beginning


And Finally when her role in Gossip Girl started to get darker and darker, her style also became more black and more depressing. She’s wearing a heavy make-up with the smoky eyes and red lip with the leather jacker and the boot.


After she formed the band ‘The Pretty Reckless” she started to dress in a very wild way. I don’t know if it’s really her style or she just need to draw attention from others anyway it works with the music! Her song goes really well with her clothing and those black eyes and rich color lipstick only gives her more darker look which is fit with songs. I didn’t say she look nice or beautiful, it just goes so well with the music.

Her songs mostly talking about the depressing life and fake society fake people showing how perverse she is. The style of the music is quite rock…with the hopeless -joyless lyrics and also really sarcastic.








As you can see from the photos I show you about her style if you take a look at all those and turn on the song of her I bet you know exactly what I meant about her style go really well with the music. Taylor’s style is all about…leather jacket, corset, black smoky eyes, gothic accessories, very very ‘super horny’ kinda clothing. and the net stocking with the string. Very rock n roll but in a very dark way. Sexy? maybe 🙂

(all from Topshop accept the bag is Dorothy Perkins)

  • Dress: Supreme Cotton Tiered Sleeveless Dress by Acne
  • Shrug: Maison Martin Margiela Spider Web Shrug
  • Stockings: House of Holland
  • Shoes: Alexander Wang ‘Freja’ Lace-Up Boot
  • Bag: Proenza Schouler PS1-C-1 Medium, Lux Leather
  • Rings: Alexander McQueen, nOir, kabiri
  • Bracelet: Leather Thorn from Ann Demeulemeester



She was a face of “Material Girl” Madonna’s brand


And also the face of John Galliano’s perfume

Nowadays…she became more and more darker person with a very zombie look


Zombie look goes so well with this song…”Zombie”



Good song actually 🙂


sources :

The effortless Americana style of Hollywood legend James Dean.

James Dean



James Dean (born James Byron Dean) landed some bit acting parts in commercials and films before his big break in East of Eden. He starred opposite Julie Harris, Raymond Massey and Burl Ives in the adaptation of John Steinbeck’s classic novel, and he impressed audiences with his unscripted additions to the screenplay.

Career Highs.
After East of Eden, Dean quickly landed his next starring (and soon-to-be iconic) role in Rebel Without A Cause. He played Jim Stark, a 17-year-old student with a difficult home life who gets into trouble with the police. Dean was praised for the role, which was seen as a personification of teenage angst. His ambiguous sexuality (he experimented with both men and women) fed into this image of Dean as a misunderstood rebel who would not be defined, and who was a magnet for both sexes. Also, it didn’t hurt that he was mysteriously sexy and irreverent in his unkempt ensemble of dirty leather jackets and worn jeans. He won two Golden Globe awards and was nominated posthumously for two Academy Awards, for East of Edenand Giant.



Career Lows.
James Dean died prematurely in a car accident when he was only 24 years old. Although he gained enough popularity from his three starring roles to immortalize him, audiences felt like they had only seen the tip of the iceberg of what Dean had to offer in his acting. On the set, his costars and directors described him as arrogant and uncooperative, unshaven and messy, but once the cameras were rolling, he was completely magnetic.



Dress The James Dean Way

It is indeed possible to be almost as irresistible as Dean without putting your life in danger. His immortal sense of style is easy to infuse into your wardrobe, and the truth is, you’re probably already halfway there (everyone has a T-shirt and jeans; they just have to be cut right). Dean’s look comes from an era when clothes fit properly by hugging the body rather than hanging and bunching with enough extra fabric to outfit a family of four.
There is more, however, to Dean’s look than casual denim and a white tee. He is credited with popularizing the vest as part of his Texas oil tycoon role in the posthumously released film Giant. Dean also had his hands on dressier duds like the shawl collar dinner jacket that he is recognized for having resurrected. From the familiar to the formal, James Dean was a timeless trendsetter — and an undeniably cool one at that.




James Dean a Twilight inspiration

Robert Pattinson a star of Twilight saga said

“I tried copying James Dean’s accent just because I’ve always wanted James Dean’s voice. I think that is why it has worked. Everyone loves a bit of James Dean.” and he added “Rebel Without a Cause was a big influence on the first Twilight film – it influenced the hair and stuff. In lots of ways, it has a very similar character arc. An everyday girl brings this relatively strange individual out of his slump.”


The photos above are the iconic t-shirt from D&G . They print the picture of icons in the past on the t-shirt and not only James Dean but also Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando etc.

Eed Westwick the star from Gossip Girl also love waring this shirt and specifically only James Dean. And Hilary Duff also wrote a song for James Dean called Mr. James Dean. The song ‘RockStar’ by Nickleback also mentioned his name in the lyric which is ‘somewhere between cher and james dean is fine for me’. All of that show us that James Dean is still alive…his character, his style, his movie still inspired people.

Things you need to be James Dean :

  • Leather jacket
  • White shirt
  • Denim jeans
  • Black boots

It’s very simple and casual but no one can look good in that style like him. Many people wondering why he’s such an inspiration when he only appeared in few movies and died very very young and from what I read on many blogs and site everybody said he’s the iconic Some say without James Dean there would have been no Paul Newman, no Elvis I don’t know if it’s true. For me why he’s so popular till now is because he died too young. People night curious what he would become if he still alive. I have no doubt if he still alive today he would be one of Hollywood’s living legend 🙂



sources :

Alexa Mulberry; An IT BAG……?

Alexa Mulberry ; A(not so)New IT BAG


Alexa Chung the inspiration for Mulberry to create “Alexa Bag” and it definitely became an it bag with many celebrities carried it.



Miranda Kerr


Leighton Meester



Olivia Palermo


and for here in Thailand I must say “Anne ThongPraSom” made this bag became more popular by carrying Alexa in her famous YV drama calles “365 days of love” (I know so Ewww right? LOL)


(photo from 365 days of love)

After that people desired for Alexa and started to question ‘what’s that bag she’s carrying?’ and then…they increased the price 😦 Anyway when I do these trend spotting I swear I saw like…8 alexa all around Paragon but here’s just 3e xamples

and yes there’re so many series of Alexa


Want one? 😀

Marc Jacob; People still protect their skin…

I know it’s been a long time since this t-shirt released but I still saw many people wearing them…not to mention I have like…3 of it and my mother got 2 my sister got 1…what the heck is that? Anyway…I kinda like it…it’s casual and yeah it’s MARC JACOB people!



David Beckham

(Look at him! so sweet~~~ XD)

There’re so many colors…and yes here’s the pictures 😀


Yves Saint Laurant Oval Ring

Yves Saint Laurant ; Arty Oval Ring

To be honest I don’t know that it’s really beautiful or the way they took photo is so beautiful; I saw the real one and I tried it on but still I don’t feel like I’m gonna pay almost 10,000 baht for this ring…if it’s cheaper I will consider it again XD

And here…the students of Raffles got the exactly same one XD