James Dean



James Dean (born James Byron Dean) landed some bit acting parts in commercials and films before his big break in East of Eden. He starred opposite Julie Harris, Raymond Massey and Burl Ives in the adaptation of John Steinbeck’s classic novel, and he impressed audiences with his unscripted additions to the screenplay.

Career Highs.
After East of Eden, Dean quickly landed his next starring (and soon-to-be iconic) role in Rebel Without A Cause. He played Jim Stark, a 17-year-old student with a difficult home life who gets into trouble with the police. Dean was praised for the role, which was seen as a personification of teenage angst. His ambiguous sexuality (he experimented with both men and women) fed into this image of Dean as a misunderstood rebel who would not be defined, and who was a magnet for both sexes. Also, it didn’t hurt that he was mysteriously sexy and irreverent in his unkempt ensemble of dirty leather jackets and worn jeans. He won two Golden Globe awards and was nominated posthumously for two Academy Awards, for East of Edenand Giant.



Career Lows.
James Dean died prematurely in a car accident when he was only 24 years old. Although he gained enough popularity from his three starring roles to immortalize him, audiences felt like they had only seen the tip of the iceberg of what Dean had to offer in his acting. On the set, his costars and directors described him as arrogant and uncooperative, unshaven and messy, but once the cameras were rolling, he was completely magnetic.



Dress The James Dean Way

It is indeed possible to be almost as irresistible as Dean without putting your life in danger. His immortal sense of style is easy to infuse into your wardrobe, and the truth is, you’re probably already halfway there (everyone has a T-shirt and jeans; they just have to be cut right). Dean’s look comes from an era when clothes fit properly by hugging the body rather than hanging and bunching with enough extra fabric to outfit a family of four.
There is more, however, to Dean’s look than casual denim and a white tee. He is credited with popularizing the vest as part of his Texas oil tycoon role in the posthumously released film Giant. Dean also had his hands on dressier duds like the shawl collar dinner jacket that he is recognized for having resurrected. From the familiar to the formal, James Dean was a timeless trendsetter — and an undeniably cool one at that.




James Dean a Twilight inspiration

Robert Pattinson a star of Twilight saga said

“I tried copying James Dean’s accent just because I’ve always wanted James Dean’s voice. I think that is why it has worked. Everyone loves a bit of James Dean.” and he added “Rebel Without a Cause was a big influence on the first Twilight film – it influenced the hair and stuff. In lots of ways, it has a very similar character arc. An everyday girl brings this relatively strange individual out of his slump.”


The photos above are the iconic t-shirt from D&G . They print the picture of icons in the past on the t-shirt and not only James Dean but also Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando etc.

Eed Westwick the star from Gossip Girl also love waring this shirt and specifically only James Dean. And Hilary Duff also wrote a song for James Dean called Mr. James Dean. The song ‘RockStar’ by Nickleback also mentioned his name in the lyric which is ‘somewhere between cher and james dean is fine for me’. All of that show us that James Dean is still alive…his character, his style, his movie still inspired people.

Things you need to be James Dean :

  • Leather jacket
  • White shirt
  • Denim jeans
  • Black boots

It’s very simple and casual but no one can look good in that style like him. Many people wondering why he’s such an inspiration when he only appeared in few movies and died very very young and from what I read on many blogs and site everybody said he’s the iconic Some say without James Dean there would have been no Paul Newman, no Elvis I don’t know if it’s true. For me why he’s so popular till now is because he died too young. People night curious what he would become if he still alive. I have no doubt if he still alive today he would be one of Hollywood’s living legend 🙂



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